Important to note: key industrial supplier discovery providers are listed in the resources on the Supplier Discovery page. Data can also be found in the non-commodity focused resources on the Multi-Inclusive Market page, in addition to coverage provided by the various bloggers, analysts, publications, and networking communities listed under Procurement Profession

Use for: estimating costs of renovations, repairs, and new construction

BNi Facilities Manager's Costbook provides updated material and labor costs for thousands of cost items, based on the latest national averages and standard labor productivity rates, including regional cost modifiers. Very reasonably priced. Check out the other Guides offered that cover building and facility maintenance, costs, plant operations, site security, disaster recovery, planning and scheduling.

Use for: benchmark facilities operating costs

CBRE CostLab is an online facility operating costs benchmark tool, describing itself as "the most comprehensive online tool for facility benchmarking, budgeting, and capital planning."It allows you mitigation risk by prioritizing funding, compare operating costs for over 400 different locations and 75 different asset types around the world, validate contractor bids, estimate in-house resources required to complete projects, estimate M&R project costs, comprehensive M&R and operations costs including labor rates, utility rates, inflation rates, maintenance tasks, operations details, recapitalization assumptions, national indexes, and more. Subscription-based (new flexible offering).

Use for: credentials, training, benchmarking

IFMA has more than 23,000 members in 100 countries. IFMA makes available three credentials, including the “Facility Management Professional.” The Knowledge Library provides hundreds of articles, benchmarking, case studies, and research reports. IFMA publishes FMJ (Facility Management Journal), and is redeveloping its benchmarking platform for facility professionals to compare building data. The IFMA Marketplace is a resource for facility products and services discovery.

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