Supplier Diligence and Risk

  • Use for: supplier security ratings

    Founded in 2011, BitSight provides cybersecurity ratings and is a key player in a market that is quickly growing. BitSight Security Ratings are calculated on a scale of 250-900 with a higher rating indicating better security performance.

  • Use for: supplier risk monitoring

    Bureau van Dijk (BvD) is known for its quality private international company information and detailed ownership data. BvD's Supplier Risk solution combines supplier data and BvD’s company data to provide a complete view of suppliers.

  • Use for: supplier/financial credit risk

    CreditRiskMonitor offers commercial credit reports for companies worldwide. The proprietary Frisk Score (a stress index) combines information from a range of sources to predict the likelihood of financial instability and even bankruptcy. 

  • Use for: supplier due diligence and risk management

    Dow Jones Risk and Compliance provides research tools and services for on-boarding, vetting, and mitigating third party risk such as bribery and corruption. Another offering, Factiva, is a global news database of nearly 33,000 premium sources.

  • Use for: real-time company ownership/director intel 

    Powered by the DueDil Business Information Graph, you can access real time intelligence on companies in the UK and various European countries. DueDil is strong on ownership and director data, search capabilities, and easy integration. 

  • Use for: supplier risk management

    D&B has historically been a main source that researchers look to for private company information. D&B's Third Party Risk  solutions include D&B Compass (supplier, onboarding, screening, and monitoring) and  D&B Supplier Risk Manager.

  • Use for: supplier sustainability ratings, monitoring

    Founded in 2007, EcoVadis operates a collaborative platform that provides Supplier Sustainability Ratings for global supply chains. The EcoVadis solution combines the ratings platform with a portfolio of scorecard and monitoring tools.

  • Use for: monitoring risk ratings of suppliers in real time

    Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS) allows organizations to proactively monitor supplier risk by providing global enterprise wide risk assessments of suppliers, contractors, and service providers.

  • Use for: SC sustainability compliance monitoring

    IntegrityNext provides companies with information on the sustainability and regulatory compliance of their supply chain (SC) using supplier self-assessments and social media monitoring. Monitors 100% of suppliers 24/7 using AI.

  • Interos

    Use for: visualized n-tier supplier risk monitoring

    Founded in 2005 by Jennifer Bisceglie, Interos uses machine learning and natural language understanding to discover, extract, classify, score risks, and link relationships and events to individual suppliers, regardless of tier.

  • Use for: comprehensive supplier diligence, monitoring

    Nexis Diligence allows you to thoroughly investigate a current or potential supplier for any type of risk and/or financial health. Nexis Entity Insight leverages Lexis' wide range of news sources and market intelligence for risk monitoring.

  • Local Business Publications

    Use for: locating hard to find supplier/market info

    With local business publications, you can find valuable information provided by business journalists who closely follow the local markets and companies. One of the premier publishers of local business publications is American City Business Journals.

  • Use for: supply risk prediction - not real-time detection

    Prewave, a Vienna-based startup, has developed a technology for managing risks in supply chains with artificial intelligence that delivers risk predictions instead of real-time detection on critical elements of your enterprise.

  • Use for: private supplier valuations and fundings

    Here, you can find private company financials and revenues; mergers and acquisition deals; firm valuations; venture capital fundings; private equity deals; private and family ownership breakdowns; bankruptcies; restructurings; and competitors.

  • Use for: private and public supplier financial health

    RapidRatings’ quantitative Financial Health Ratings (FHR) offers financial health analysis for both national and international public and private companies and is unique in that it rates public and privately held companies globally on the same basis.

  • Use for: ESG intelligence and monitoring

    RepRisk provides ESG risk data for due diligence, research, and monitoring. The RepRisk ESG Risk Platform allows you to conduct in-depth risk research on companies, infrastructure projects, sectors, and countries and monitor ESG risks daily.

  • Use for: supply chain visualization, shipment tracking

    DHL Resilience360 facilitates intuitive supply chain visualization, tracks shipments and ETAs across different transport modes and enables near real-time monitoring of incidents capable of disrupting supply chains.

  • Use for: supply chain subtier visibility and monitoring

    Resilinc enables supply chain visibility by creating supplier multi-tier intelligence and mapping it. The strength of this solution is that it visually maps the interrelationships between the multi-tiers in your supply chain and identifies potential choke/failure points. 

  • Use for: muti-tier supply chain risk monitoring

    riskmethods offers a cloud-based supply chain and supplier risk solution where it identifies multi-tiers of supplier production and transportation sites and monitors all types of risk found in the supply chain including supplier, country, and location site.

  • Use for: supplier ethical assessments

    Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), a nonprofit membership-based organization, is a collaborative platform that shares supply chain data for analyzing ethical assessments, For buyers, a variety of reporting tools are available for tracking suppliers’ performance.

  • Use for: public supplier operations and financial info

    Look at SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filings for current and historical company, and other filings, for publicly traded companies (e.g., 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks) through its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval System (EDGAR).

  • Use for: open access corporate misconduct tracking

    Violation Tracker is a wide-ranging database on U.S. corporate misconduct. It covers banking, consumer protection, false claims, environmental, health, safety, employment discrimination, among many other cases resolved by 40+ federal regulatory agencies.

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