Market Analysis

Key Energy data can also be found in the resources listed on the Multi-Inclusive Market page. Also note the resources listed in Chemicals and Pharma as well. 

Use for: price assessments and commentary on energy, metals, and transportation markets

Argus Media publishes market reports that contain price assessments, market commentary, and news for the global crude, oil products, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals, and transportation industries. In the world of energy benchmarks, price reporting agencies Argus and Platts are top competitors. Subscription-based.

Use for: analysis, forecasts, statistics and pricing on crude oil, gasoline, diesel, propane, jet fuel, ethanol, and other liquid fuels

From the U.S. Energy Information Administration, here you can find statistics on crude oil, gasoline, diesel, propane, jet fuel, ethanol, and other liquid fuels. Click on the blue plus signs for updated information on petroleum prices, crude reserves and production, refining and processing, imports/exports, stocks, and consumption/sales. Sidebar information indicates the most requested petroleum data. The Analysis and Projections section provides information that you filter via fuel source, report type, geography or subject. Open access.

Energy Intelligence

This 60-year-old publisher and research provider covers issues and events affecting global energy. Benchmark publications include: Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, Oil Daily, Natural Gas Week, World Gas Intelligence and Energy Compass. To see the entire list, select "Publications" from the navigation bar. Selecting the "Data" option will give you links to interactive data analytics, market data, and tools. The Energy Connect Directory provides in-depth profiles of more than 500 active MENA-based (Middle East and North Africa) private and public energy companies. Subscription required.

Use for: trends in energy demand and supply

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is an organization made up of 30 member countries and gathers and analyzes worldwide statistics. The IEA publishes the annual World Energy Outlook (WEO), an authoritative source of market analysis that looks at trends in energy demand and supply (requires payment). Available for free download is Key World Energy Statistics, which contains annual data on the supply, transformation and consumption of all major energy sources. The IEA produces 30 subscription publications and about 70 no-fee publications per year. 

Use for: corporate renewable energy marketplace, PPA (power purchase agreement) offer price averages

Seattle-based LevelTen Energy was founded in 2016 to allow companies to buy renewable energy quickly and efficiently online. LevelTen Marketplace, part of an online platform that also offers Performance Monitoring and RFP Automation, connects renewable energy buyers and sellers. By aggregating both buyers and sellers, small and medium sized corporations now have access to the same projects and terms as those available to larger energy buyers. LevelTen provides a quarterly in-depth look at PPA offer price averages submitted through the LevelTen Marketplace, for both wind and solar projects, in five independent system operator regions, including CAISO, ERCOT, MISO, PJM and SPP. This excellent resource (Index) is open access.

Use for: information and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets

S&P Global Platts provides information and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets. Founded in 1909, Platts’ coverage includes oil and gas, electric power, coal, petrochemicals, metals, agriculture and shipping. Offered are real time news and market alerts, market data and prices assessments, market reports and analytics, and commodity risk solutions. Subscription-based.

Use for: open access analysis, prices, and projections for all energy sectors

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is the foremost source for comprehensive historical and current energy data. National and international statistics are provided for petroleum and other liquids, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear and uranium, and renewable/alternative fuels. The Short Term Energy Outlook provides pricing and analysis reports for global and U.S. petroleum, as well as other liquids, natural gas, coal, electricity, renewables, CO2 emissions, and U.S. economic assumptions. Other popular reports are Annual Energy Outlook, International Energy Outlook, Weekly Petroleum Status Report, Natural Gas Weekly Update, and Electric Power Monthly. Daily wholesale and retail snapshot prices for various energy products are shown here, including spot prices and select futures prices at national or regional level. Open access.

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