Key Plastics data can also be found in the resources listed on the Multi-Inclusive Market page. Also note the resources listed in Chemicals and Pharma as well.

Use for: comprehensive coverage of plastcis pricing, outlooks, market reports, and rankings

Current and historical plastics resins pricing is available for commodity thermoplastics, thermosets, high-temperature thermoplastics, engineering thermoplastics, and recycled plastics. Plastics News is a weekly newspaper that serves the global plastics industry. The website provides free industry rankings. The Data Store lists available reports and they are comprehensive and current. Market View, Outlook, and Full Ranking reports are available for: automotive/transportation, blow molding, compounding, construction, extrusion, film and sheet, injection molding, medical, molds/tooling, packaging, rotomolding, recycling, thermoforming, and other resin reports. Mixed open access and for fee.

Use for: technical background info, resin prices

This publication and website for Plastics Technology focuses on plastics processing and covers problem solving, tips and techniques, best practices, and new technology. There is a wealth of open access information via the “Zones” or the Knowledge Centers. The Resin Prices, Market Watch, and Processor’s Business Index reports, located in the "Your Business" section (far lower left) of the website, are updated monthly. Gardner Business Media, the publisher of Plastics Technology, provides many other high-quality manufacturing publications. Open access.

The Plastics Exchange is a marketplace for buying and selling domestic and international commodity grade resin and provides open access research and news covering the resin marketplace. Market information based on observations and interactions with producers and others is compiled and published in weekly Market Update reports.

Use for: global real time chemicals and plastics pricing for polymer and petrochemical industry

Polymerupdate was founded in 1999 in India and provides global market news and real time price alerts for products that include include crude oil, naphtha, aromatics, olefins, polyolefins and petrochemical intermediates with a special focus on Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, US, and Latin America. The price reports and daily news feeds are based on information gathered from a cross section of the industry including from resin producers, processors, traders and distributors. Subscription-based.

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