• Use for: locating additional data on ProcureSearch Site

    Key Plastics data can also be found in the resources listed on the Multi-Inclusive Market page.     

  • Use for: market research on global plastics industry

    AMI provides market research on the global plastics industry, including but not limited to; recycling and sustainability, artificial grass, compounding, masterbatch, PE/PP film extrusion, injection moulding, pipe and profile extrusion.

  • Use for: measuring changes in manufacturing facilities.

    With primary focus of parts made of metal, plastic, and composite materials, this respected index measures month-to-month changes in activity at durable goods and discrete parts manufacturing facilities.

  • Use for: hard to access ocean and averted plastic

    The Oceanworks platform is built to drive recycled plastic offtake and reduce demand for new virgin plastic. They have an expansive and growing range of recycled resins, textiles, and products.

  • Use for: open access market weekly updates

    The Plastics Exchange is a marketplace for buying and selling domestic and international commodity grade resin and provides open access research and news covering the resin marketplace. Market Update reports are published weekly.

  • Plastics News - Resins Prices

    Use for: plastics pricing, outlooks, and market reports 

    Current and historical plastics resins pricing is available for commodity thermoplastics, thermosets, high-temperature thermoplastics, engineering thermoplastics, and recycled plastics. Plastics News covers the global plastics industry.

  • Use for: global real time chemicals and plastics pricing 

    Polymerupdate was founded in 1999 in India and provides global market news and real time price alerts for products that include include crude oil, naphtha, aromatics, olefins, polyolefins and petrochemical intermediates