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In 2014, we published Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals: Research, Process, and Resources to advance procurement’s use of market intelligence in opportunity assessment, strategic sourcing, negotiation, supplier relationship management, and category management. Our goal was to write a book that details what the reader should do and then to provide the tools and resources to do so successfully.


Part I details the processes, program design considerations, and communications elements of a successful intelligence effort. Part II is an exhaustive compilation of resources that can be used to carry out supply intelligence research, including detailed descriptions and access information. Our goal for Part II was lofty: to comprehensively cover all key and notable research resources that are of value for procurement research. 


Two lessons learned quickly materialized after the publication of the book:

1) it is not possible to list all of the resources available, and

2) it is a monumental challenge to keep resource lists refreshed and updated.


To address these issues, we decided to create a resources hub based on the book with listings that identify and update only selected resources for key direct and indirect spend categories, along with supplier and geopolitical risk discovery, due diligence, and monitoring sources. Resources that have been selected contain one or more of the following characteristics: high quality content, exceptional value, and/or procurement-centric. As in the book, professional development and thought leadership resources are also provided and are more comprehensively covered.  


The name of this hub is ProcureSearch and we plan to continue building on the content currently presented. Keep checking back, as updates will continuously be added. 

ProcureSearch’s coverage focuses primarily on third party content providers, but does include a few offerings from broader supplier and procurement management providers.


-- Jeanette Jones and Kelly Barner



A Note About Methodology


ProcureSearch is intended to be used as a helpful guide, not as a guarantee on the part of the creators. The methodology used to create the hub is the same as the book. The vetting of resources included in the book utilized the knowledge built over the authors’ many years of hands on experience in supply market intelligence and conducting business research. In addition, the evaluation of resources was done by viewing demos, setting up trials, and having direct conversations with providers. Product reviews and resource lists written by professional and academic searchers, practicing professionals, industry analysts, and others were extensively utilized.

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