Country and Geopolitical Risk

  • Use for: locating additional data on ProcureSearch site

    Click on the Country and Geopolitical category to access 50+ country/geopolitical indices that measure areas of risk such as corruption, productivity, economic health, ethics/human rights, technology, governance, and regulatory environment.  

  • Use for: country risk as applied to supply chain

    This Index helps sourcing professionals understand the risks their supply chains are exposed to. The CIPS Risk Index Quarterly Report provides an early warning of changes in the macro environment that may affect suppliers and supply chain. 

  • Coface Risk Assessments

    Use for: open access quarterly risk assessments

    Coface freely provides 160 frequently updated country evaluations based on macroeconomic, financial, and political data. In addition, twelve sectors from six geographical regions, are assessed every quarter. 

  • Use for: real time country risk scores 

    Euromoney Country Risk (ECR) is an online community of economic and political experts that provides real time scores in categories that relate to economic, structural and political risk for 186 countries. Fee-based.

  • Use for: ranking resilience of 130 counties to disruption

    This tool ranks the resilience of 130 countries and territories according to their enterprise resilience to disruptive events. An easy-to-use graphical and numerical interface allows you to compare countries. Open Access.

  • Use for: open access global political risk insights

    On Global Risk Insights’ open access site, over 300 political risk analysts provide insights into political developments around the world. You can browse by region or by topic: Politics, Econ, Security, Natural Resources, Tech or Finance.

  • Use for: detailed disaster/crises risk factors by country

    INFORM is a global, open-source risk assessment for monitoring the potential impact of humanitarian crises and disasters. It can be used to support decisions about supply chain disaster prevention, preparedness, and response.

  • Use for: geopolitical intelligence

    Stratfor has three offerings: Worldview, Threat Lens, and Advisory Services. Worldview provides quarterly, yearly and decade-out forecasts of global trends and events. Threat Lens provides customized key global security insights.

  • Use for: U.S. relationships with other countries

    Here you can get links to key US State Dept. publications that include: Bilateral Relations Factsheets (Countries & Areas tab), and Country Reports on Terrorism, Human Rights, Religious Freedom, and Trafficking in Persons (Policy Issues tab).