Marketing data can also be found in the non-commodity focused resources on the Multi-Inclusive Market page, in addition to coverage provided by the various bloggers, analysts, publications, and networking communities listed under Procurement Profession

Use for: ad agency discovery, trends, costs, contracts, rates, best practices

Founded in 1917, 4A's represents advertising agencies in the United States. The 4A’s conducts and sponsors surveys on topics relevant to ad agency business, including the state of the industry, agency costs, employee salaries and benefits, and new business trends."Fresh Press" is an industry news feeds curated by 4A’s Research. The Agency Search Tool is a searchable database of 4A’s member agencies including location and areas of specialization. Research coverage areas include B2B, Consumers (filters allow for getting to know your audience and learn the best ways to reach them), Global and Country-specific advertising and industry reports, Media Channels, and Metrics and Effectiveness. Membership required.

Use for: insightful information and data on marketing procurement—from the marketing point of view

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) was founded in 1910, and communicates marketing best practices and leading industry initiatives. ANA is one of the best resources to find current and relevant articles on marketing procurement—from the marketing point of view. The ANA Procurement Task Force mission, as stated on the website, is to “define and elevate the role of marketing procurement, [and] close the ‘gaps’ on the value of procurement between procurement and internal marketing as well as procurement and external agencies.”

The Procurement Task Force has the following initiatives:

  • Finance & Procurement Insights: these focus on the value and positive contributions of marketing procurement.

  • Procurement Mentoring: connects junior/less experienced marketing procurement professionals with senior-level marketing procurement professionals.

Membership required.

Use for: open access marketing background tutorials

In October 2018, celebrated its 20th birthday, indicating they are providing a highly valuable service. For the procurement professional new to marketing, "KnowThis - Principles of Marketing" tutorials focus on the key concepts and functions that are common to most marketing situations no matter an organization’s size, industry, or geographic location. The Marketing Research section covers primary and low and high cost research methods. Note the tutorial quick links to the right of the screen. Other tutorial categories include Customers and Markets, Product and Distribution, and Promotion and Advertising. 

Use for: media specific rates, contacts, audience metrics, competitor ad expenditures

The Kantar Media SRDS is a multimedia planning platform containing thousands of media properties categorized by media type, market, and geography. You can search for media and advertising opportunities by media type, keywords, titles, geography or DMA (designated market area) and get data points that include rates and audience metrics. Examples of types of media data you can access are: business publication, consumer magazine, digital, direct marketing, Hispanic and international, newspaper, radio, and out-of-home, to name a few. Kantar Media also offers a tool that monitors advertising expenditure and occurrence information for millions of brands across 20 media categories. Kantar Media launched a new solution, TGI Global Quick View, that provides fully harmonised data from a sample of over 60,000 connected consumers in 22 countries providing comprehensive understanding of connected consumers online interests, media preferences, and online shopping habits and brand choices.

Use for ad case studies, best practice guides, trends, benchmarks, adspend and forecasts

WARC (The World Advertising Research Center) is an online provider of secondary research for advertising and media agencies, brands, market researchers, media owners, and universities. WARC partners with multiple content curators to provide intelligence on trendsadspend and forecasts, company profiles and event reports. The Data section (recently relaunched with data from Nielsen) provides global highlighted aggregated data that is market- and channel-specific. It contains the latest advertising expenditure data from over 97 global markets, a comparison of global media costs, and adspend forecasts for key countries. This is an excellent resource. Subscription-based.

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