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Marketing - Additional Data

Use for: locating additional data on ProcureSearch Site

Marketing data can also be found in the non-commodity focused resources on the Multi-Inclusive Market page, including the Supply Market Intelligence Indices

Use for: data on advertising spend and agency ranking

The Ad Age Datacenter provides access to current information about advertising spend for top brands and Advertising Age's Agency Report, an annual ranking and analysis of advertising and marketing-services agencies. 

Use for: advertising and expenditure monitoring

Kantar's advertising and expenditure monitoring offering tracks a large range of media across more than 20 traditional and digital channels with comprehensive product categories and rate information. 

Use for: rates, contacts, and metrics for media buyers

SRDS (an industry standard) provides brands and planning/ buying agencies access to media-specific databases that cover rates and contacts, audience metrics and more, along with education, resources and training tools.

Use for: locating marketing tech startups

For Marketing Technology (MarTech) market landscape maps, go here and select the MarTech category to see providers and competitors in this space.

Use for: marketing's point of view of procurement

The Association of National Advertisors communicates marketing best practices. The ANA Procurement Task Force's mission is to "close the gaps on the value of procurement bewteen procurement and intenal marketing."

Use for:  trends, benchmarks, adspend, and forecasts

WARC partners with multiple content curators to provide intelligence on trends, benchmarks, adspend, forecasts, and company profiles. The WARC Data offering provides global expenditure data, along with media costs comparisons. 

Use for ad agency discovery, trends, costs, contracts

4A's (American Assocaiation of Advertising Agencies) produces surveys on topics relevant to ad agency business, including the state of the industry, agency costs, employee salaries and benefits, and trends.

Use for: staying up-to-date on all thing marketing tech

This excellent blog, edited by Scott Brinker, analyzes topics "at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management." Detailed posts focus on all thing marketing tech, including the popular Marketing Technology Landscape map.

Use for: finding ad agencies (supplier discovery) 

Winmo, formerly Redbooks, provides competitive intelligence and prospecting data on advertising agencies and advertisers. Includes detailed profiles of over 10,000 U.S. and international advertising agencies.

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