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News and Content Evaluation Resources

Factmata combines AI with a ‘human community’ to evaluate the reliability of Internet content. Factmata offers Intelligence Reports that contextualize all the claims, arguments, and narratives surrounding any topic. Factmata Moderation helps publishers and brands ensure they associate with safe inventory. Factmata API, coming soon, scores online content on nine signals, including Hate speech and Political bias, to give understanding of the quality, safety and credibility of any piece of content on the web. 

NewsGuard uses red and green ratings to indicate the reliability of news sources providing content to curation sites. NewsGuard uses 9 specific criteria to evaluate for a red rating, done by by NewsGuard’s analysts, who are trained journalists supervised by experienced editors. You can install the NewsGuard plugin in either your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari browser with one click. 

Our.News is a social news network that aggregates content and uses crowdsourcing to collect reader agreement with and trust in the facts of any news story. They combine the community dynamic with algorithms designed to minimize bias and identify ‘trolls’.

Crisp Thinking protects social media networks against ‘bad actors’ and ‘toxic content’ being posted for the view of their legitimate members. Using a combination of human resources and AI, reviews content in real time and notifies platform managers of offending content.

Storyzy has a database of 28,000 domain names and video channels that they use to verify the quotes that appear in online news. This helps brands ensure that quotes from their content are not used as supporting material on “hyper partisan” or fake news sites.

Trive uses a browser extension to alert readers of Internet news when they are on a site with low reliability ratings. Trive uses gamification (and cryptocurrency) to incentivise fact checkers to challenge content and each other, and saves the results of their efforts using blockchain technology.

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